Summer Newsletter June 2021

As we enter the final week of the 2020-21 school year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for continuing to help the wider school community through your vigilance and adherence to all advice, in order to minimise the spread of Covid-19. As a school, we are most grateful to you for keeping us informed about absences and up to date about testing and test results.

I would also like to thank all our staff, Board of Management and Parent’s Association for their dedication to the children in Kilmurry N.S. This has been a very challenging year and I want to thank them for their hard work and the commitment they showed in finding new ways of educating our children.

Although it is not possible to have all our usual end-of-year activities such as matches and gatherings for celebrations, nonetheless, we hope the children have enjoyed their Sports Day and all the other fun activities that have been organised over the last few weeks.

I hope you all enjoy a well-earned break over the summer holidays!

Go raibh maith agaibh go léir,

STEPS – Young Engineers Award
Congratulations to Kielan, Luke, Anna and Noah who were short-listed in the top 30 STEPS Young Engineering projects nationally for their project ‘Sponge Pencil and Pen’. This is a huge achievement! It is a national competition and the projects are judged by a panel of senior engineers from leading engineering firms like Intel, ESB and Bristol-Myers.

Pedestrian Crossing- Public Consultation
Clare County Council will publish details for a public consultation on their proposed pedestrian crossing in Kilmurry in the Clare Champion on June 18th. They will also have details on their website

Wall Ball
This year we held our first Wall Ball Tournament. Shona tells us bout it:
‘This year the 5th and 6th class are doing a wall ball tournament. Everyone got to play 4 games and they are all 2-minute matches. It was an on the ground tournament to help improve our on the ground hurling and camogie skills. We normally try and play a game or two every day on the Astroturf. If the ball goes dead, it’s a point to the opponent and if it also goes outside the line of cones or the white line it’s also a point to your opponent.’
by Shona

On Wednesday, 23rd June we will celebrate the Graduation of our 6th class pupils from Kilmurry N.S. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we can’t have our normal Graduation ceremony in the Church. Instead, we will have a celebration in school which we hope to record and forward to parents.

12 0’ Clock Hills
Fifth and Sixth Class hiked the 12 O’Clock Hills. Kaitlyn tells us more about it:
‘On the 12th June, 5th and 6th class took a trip to the Twelve O’Clock Hills. This year due to the global pandemic we could not do our usual school tour so the Twelve O’Clock was an idea as it’s very local to our school. We followed the purple 8k route. The views from the summit were beautiful and the scenery throughout the whole hike was amazing. All the 6th and 5th class really enjoyed the trip. Everyone found it very nice and were fascinated by the history and all the amazing, interesting facts along the way. When we got back to the school we had pizza! Overal, the day was really fantastic and much enjoyed by the 5th and 6th class.’
Written by Kaitlyn

Standardised Tests
Testing in literacy and numeracy has been completed in all classes from 1st to 6th . Your child’s results in these tests will be communicated through end of year report cards which will be posted to you this week.

This year we used a different standardised test called the Drumcondra Primary Achievement Tests. Standardised testing can sometimes be accompanied by an unnecessary level of pressure or expectation on the part of pupils, parents and teachers. Whether a score is high or low, one score would not necessarily confirm a child’s achievement level. A child’s score will naturally fluctuate from year to year. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child’s result, you can make an appointment to see your child’s teacher.

It is worth noting that the change of tests and the impact of COVID-19 may influence standardised test results when compared with a child’s results from previous years.

Rachael Blackmore
Fifth and Sixth Class took part in an ‘Inspiring Ireland, Inspiring Students’ talk with Rachael Blackmore. Kate and Cathal tell us more:

Rachael Blackmore is an inspiration to girls all around the world as she is the only female jockey who has won the Grand National. On the 24th of May, 6th and 5th class attended a zoom meeting called Inspiring Ireland, Inspiring Students series where Rachael gave us all an inside look into her childhood, her college years and her career as a jockey. She told us that there is always another way; if you fail it is not the be all and end all, you get up and try again. She told us inspiring stories about her child hood and how she felt like giving up and yet she kept on going and that’s how she got where she is today. She was only riding horses as a hobby and intended to become a vet but she did not get high enough leaving cert marks to go on to a veterinary college and get her degree. She taught us that the Leaving Cert is very important but it isn’t the end of the world if you fail it.

“I remember crying in the corridors because I had added up my total of leaving cert points and I had not scored high enough to become a vet and then my friend added up my points again and it turned out that I scored lower than I had originally thought I had got, but after a while I just stopped moping about and crying and I got on with it.”
By Kate & Cathal

Maths Eyes
Huge congratulations to Caroline on winning an award for her photo for the Maths Eye Competition! Well done and we are all very proud in Kilmurry N.S. You can see her photo at:

Jimmy Conlan Soccer League
Congratulations to Cork City on winning this year’s Jimmy Conlan Soccer League. Dylan tells us about this year’s league:
‘This year 5th and 6th had a soccer league and there had been some tight matches and there were some matches where a team lost by a good bit. The teams were Dundalk, Cork City, Leitrim, and Shamrock Rovers.

Cork City and Dundalk are in the finals and it was an amazing match but the final score was Cork 2-0 Dundalk.

The students have had a great time playing the league!

Parents’ Association
Thanks to Sarah Justice and all the Parents’ Association for all their support to the school throughout the year. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes and it is much appreciated. From organising goodie bags, graduation presents, discos, book schemes etc etc – the work of the Parents’ Association adds to every occasion in the school!

Study Skills
Fifth and Sixth Class did a Study Skills Workshop. Emma tell us more about it:

‘Today in school, we had a zoom call to learn study sketch tips for primary and secondary school. Whilst in the call, we learnt about how sketching in studying can help people who find it hard to study and people who may have dyslexia.

If people can’t remember a certain piece in studying like a country or person, sketching a banner or an object can help remember what it is in the long term.

Firstly, we started off by highlighting the key words from an extract in a work book, followed by drawing pictures associated with the words. Then, we wrote down the headings: Fonts, Frames, Banners, People and finally objects.

We drew sketches under the headings where in studying you would put the information. We learnt how to draw different styles of fonts, styles of frames, banners like a flag, simple people using basic shapes and objects like a book, house, food and more!

The zoom call was fun, enjoyable and is very helpful for studying in both primary and secondary school!’

By Emma

Local History and Archaeology
Our past pupil, Jake Justice, gave a very enjoyable and informative talk on our local history and sites of interest to archaeologists in our local area. Dougie tell us more about it:

Two weeks ago 3rd – 6th did a local history workshop with Jake Justice. He is an archaeologist and a past pupil of this school. We learnt that there was a blacksmith in the village and a lime kiln near the school car park. Jake also had an app where it shows the local history around you. There was loads around the school. He also made a model of a lime kiln and he brought in two old coins for us to see. He also made a powerpoint about local history.

Letters to our Heroes!
During the school closures we wrote letters to people who inspire us. Bláthnaid wrote to the magician Chris Ramsay and got a lovely reply. Bláthnaid tell us more:

‘I wrote a letter to my favourite magician. His name is Chris Ramsay. Recently, I got a reply from him. He sent me back a letter. He also has a brand called 1st. As well as the letter he sent me a jumper from his brand, a yellow t-shirt, a purple t-shirt, a face mask, 2 key rings, a packet of stickers, a puzzle and a book. The book was ‘Alice in Wonderland’. He signed it on the inside and wrote ‘This is not a book that teaches you magic tricks but a book that teaches you to see things magically.’ I also wrote to another magician who posted a picture of my letter on his channel.’
by Bláthnaid

Moving to Secondary School
We all wish the very best to our students who are moving on to secondary school and also to their families. These students have contributed a lot to the school and we have enjoyed watching them grow into mature, confident and very capable young people. Can I remind those students and their families that they can keep in touch with what is happening in Kilmurry School by logging on to the school website and checking on recent newsletters.

School Books and Supplies Scheme
Reminder that the closing date for the School Books and Supplies Scheme is Sunday 4th July

Important Dates
School Closes for Summer Holidays: Friday 25th June @12 noon
School Reopens: 1st September
Confirmation: Wednesday 7th July @7pm in Kilmurry
First Holy Communion: Wednesday 15th September @7pm in Kilmurry
First Confession: The school has been informed that the Sacrament of Reconciliation (First Confession) will take place in the Church in early September. Dates will be furnished by the Parish Office in due course.

Have a wonderful and safe summer and we look forward to seeing you all safe and well for the next school year.

Yours sincerely,
Kevin Clohessy,