Friends for Life

Friends for Life at Kilmurry National School

The Fun FRIENDS and Friends for Life Programmes were developed by Dr. Paula Barrett to help guide the social and emotional development of young children by using fun, play-based group activities.

The Fun Friends and Friends for Life programmes are designed to:

  • Build resilience through social and emotional skills development.
  • Empower children, families and teachers.
  • Promote peer learning through play and experiential/inquiry learning.
  • Encourage support networks and positive role models.
Friends for Life at Kilmurry National School

The programmes help children to practice the following skills:

  • Smiling and looking people in the eye
  • Speaking with a confident voice
  • Talking about feelings and also understanding other people’s feelings (development of empathy)
  • Helping other people – peers, family and teachers
  • Body clues
  • How to relax
  • Making friends
  • Being brave and happy
  • Trying new things – making step plans
  • ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ Thoughts, and other essential life skills