Sycamore Tree

Sycamore Tree

By Ewan, Noah

  • The Sycamore is one of the many native trees in Ireland.
  • Sycamore trees can live up to 250 years old.
  • The Latin name for sycamore is Acer pseudoplatanus and in Irish it is seicmar.
  • The leaves of a sycamore tree are very brown and grow out of the tree in three prongs from the stem like a palm leaf. They are dark green in colour although in the autumn dark spots begin to appear. These are known as dark spots.
  • Did you know that the flowers of the sycamore tree are an important nutrient for bees.
  • The sycamore tree has a long history in folklore dating back to Egyptian times where the holy sycamore is said to connect the worlds between the dead and the living.
  • The Sycamore tree keeps fairies away from spoiling the milk.
  • The goddess Heathrow and the holy cow sat in a sycamore at sunset and created the earth, everything living on it and the sun.
  • Buttonball is a nickname for the American sycamore.
  • Sycamore trees should be removed if it has leaning and drooping branches or has 50% damage to the trunk.

Sycamore Tree Facts

  • Sycamore trees measure up to 98 to 130 feet in height and 4.9 and 6.6 feet in diameter.
  • Sycamore flowers typically appear on sycamore trees from April to May, and sometimes as early as March in sometimes as early as March in southern states.
  • The sycamore is one of the oldest tree species.
  • The native Americans took the trunks and made giant canoes.
  • The sycamore represents protection.

How fast do sycamore trees grow?

According to a USDA synopsis on sycamore trees, they grow fast and have long lives. In the lowlands. sycamores can grow up to 2 feet, the per year. Ten years after planting a sapling, the tree can grow 15 to 30 feet tall. This growth rate often generates several nutrients to the land, soil and plant life in the area. These grow to be very long as well.